K9000 Dog Wash

K9000 Dog Wash

The k9000 dog wash is a premium, self-service dog wash offering an easy, low-cost way to keep your dog clean and fresh.

Imported from Australia, the k9000 dog wash is a token operated machine which gives you the opportunity to clean and dry your pet. Built with your dog’s welfare in mind, the k9000 features a non-slip floor and uses temperature-controlled warm water and a 2-speed warm air dryer.

Our k9000 has pet-friendly features to keep them calm whilst they are being shampooed. The see-through front window is ideal for claustrophobic pets and the double filtration system ensures that the water quickly drains away, so your pet isn’t left standing in dirty water.

You can either bring your own shampoo or use the K9000’s own sensitive shampoo.

The machine rotates through the following cycle:

Shampoo > rinse > condition > rinse > blow dry > disinfect

The next time you have a family gathering, don’t let your pooch embarrass you and, to save yourself from a hairy bathroom, bring your four-legged friend to the Pet Barn! The self-service dog wash is ideal for the quick bath in-between grooming and clipping. We have a list of qualified and friendly groomers that we can recommend to you.

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